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Chris Chew
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Chris Chew wonderful vocal harmonies that round out their sound; I forget at times that it's pared down to only drum & bass! Favorite track: Wake of the World.
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released April 17, 2015

All songs performed by:
Julie DeLano: Bass and vox
Leslie Graves: vox
Susan Hwang: vox
Christy Davis: drums

All songs written and co-produced by Julie DeLano
Co-produced, Engineered and Mixed by David Voigt at Beyond Notes Recording + Reproducing.
Mastering by: Paul Gold at Salt Mastering,
Organ by Dan DeLano on tracks 4 and 7.
Album photo: Carrie Jordan @ Shots-By-Carrie-Lou
Thanks for you : David Voigt, Leslie Graves, Charles Branstool, Carrie Jordan, Dany Naierman, Dan Gower, Josh Coleman, Nan Turner, Matt Roth, Dan DeLano, Sam Lazzara, The Leader, my family and nyc.


all rights reserved



GOLD Brooklyn, New York

GOLD is a
driving bass and drums with three part harmony making soulful punk rock quartet.
Julie DeLano : Bass and Vox
Christy Davis : Drums
Leslie Graves: Vox
Susan Hwang: Vox

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Track Name: Ugly Baby Swan
I am an ugly baby swan,
sad and tired not someone to be around.
I am an old and bitter thing,
wishing and want something and I must make it known..
I am a fading former queen,
once in charge and once striding, autonomous, thinking.
Now I am as awkward as a teen,
am unskilled in things that change, but there's changes everyday...
things change.
things change .

I am scared of you and the ending of us,
I loved who we were, who I was and now....
I am scared of you and the ending of us .
I loved who we were. I loved who I was.

It's a buddhist hip tip this impermanence trip
but the light is blocked by the feeling of loss.
Instead of freedom, Instead of gain, instead of power, I feel...
rain on my head and wind down my neck , cold up my spine, constant losing of time.
I'm copping deuces everyday.
I'll bring you down in every way.
Because, you are better when I'm not around and
I am better when you're not around.

Finally, we both feel there is nothing to be done.
to be done.
Track Name: Pikt up
Pikt up

It’s the relief you can get in water and clouds
With gray flat bottoms, boat sails like shrouds-
They’re shade casting. They catch the breeze or let it go…
to take it slow…

And all the clean you can get in sun and salt water..
Bleached bones, clear tones just get ground into powder…
Under your foot….as you step and don’t even look.
(that’s beautiful)

It’s all picked up and dropped in.
Given or taken without a religion.
It’s all picked up and dropped in.
Here or there anywhere.

And one just happens to be your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother,
Your friend, your lover…but it could have been others.

You’ve been picked up and dropped in
Here or there, everywhere.
You’ve been picked up and dropped in, given or taken, loved or forsaken.

And they will all be taken
Without your permission
And you will survive becuz there’s no relation.
The attachment you feel is ‘cuz you have forgotten
You’ve been picked up and dropped in,
All else is illusion.
Track Name: Perfect Day
Call me cheater, over eater, self absorbed, chronic needer.
I give my all given half a chance.
I'm bound and determined to make it happen.
I bide my time,
Keep it inside.
Hold my cards close to my chest,
Write between the lines.

Kneel down at my feet , sing to me!

Meet me inside.
We'll be sharing a line.
Headphone stereo splitter.
Plugging yours to mine.

Spending time drawing songs and lines and parallels , the story tells...
I can only look in your eyes in fits and starts and intervals.

Explorative cravings, fall from my heart.
Manipulate those shavings...
Turn into art.

Kneel down at my feet, sing to me.
Smoke up, it's another way to spend a perfect day at least.
Track Name: Steal me
Steal me

I dreamt I had a chance at another kiss
And I searched in vain for a sign of me in your lips
I inhaled and devoured
Your body I did scour for a sign of me but there was only you.

I had a chance at another kiss you are so lucky when I’m dreaming like this.
You finally stand with branch in hand you lucky man you came around,
when I was still there to meet you on the bloodied ground.

Are you mad can’t you see, you will lose her love to me.
I will steal me from you.
The dream mine and it can’t warn you, the value of what you will lose.
The cost of your imminent loss
But maybe you never knew with your defense so finely tuned so
truths you bury,
Party card you carry.
Track Name: This City Loves Me
This City Loves me

It's the patience it takes, in between the power of the changes you make.
In between the power, it feels like dying while trying to live.
It is dying while trying to live.
It's dying while living while growing and learning, unknowing, unfurling and yet...
I still miss
and I want...
and I wish.
I can't compete so i dont'.
I can't convince so I won't .
I will transfer all of my love...
to the weather, and this city as it wraps it's arms around me
and loves me...back.
This city loves me...back.
This city love me ...back.
Track Name: Rabbits
Happy Rabbits in their warrens with their own kind.
Fluffy habits, cuddle love that's what you want and there you are.
Exchanging tokens with the judges of your own mind.
Pinning medals on your backs, that's what you want ,
and there you are.

And there you are waiting for me to...
give my heart completely to you to give to get from you.
That's what you want.
And if that is how it has to be, don't look to me, but I promise I love you some way.

We cry, we crave, we want attention from the outside,.
We accuse the same whenever we don't get just what we want.
Just what we want.
Whenever we don't get just what we want.
Track Name: Fake It
Fake it

These traps are of this world.
Ask any kind of girl.
She will make a friend of you.
She's built with extra time, inherently divine.
It's not easy to be the one who grew up.

These traps are of this world.
Ask any form of girl.
She will build it up for you.
She brings her strength of kind-body, soul and mind.
It's not easy to be the one who moves out.

It's the chance you take.
It's the cross that you fake.
It's your soul, you're feeling quake.

No holding, no kissing, no seeing,no hearing, no sharing or feeling can't move you, you're freezing.

This place is of this world
And a accommodating girl
and uh her patience is her main virtue.
She rides her patience through your shame.
She has a fearlessness of Pain.
It's not easy to be the one who...

It's the chance you take.
it's the cross that you fake.
it's your soul, you're feeling quake.
Track Name: Summer's Rain
It's so pleasant in my new bed.
The window breeze is so affectionate.
It keeps my thoughts like skipping stones.
No chance to drown.
No swimming allowed.

Well worn whispers in my ear...
something about, belief and doubt.
But the breeze just blows them past my cheek.
No way to hold on, nothing to grab, no thing to reach.

Giant chalk lines drawn pointing arrows to my heart..
Away runaway with this summer's rain.
Redraw with pink and gold and make it whole while split apart..
Away runaway with this summer's rain
Away, away, i'll redraw it again .
Away runaway with this summer's rain.
Away runaway I'll redraw it again.
Away run away with this summer's rain.
Track Name: Wake of the World

The wake of so many turbulent minds;
like a gas powered motor through the water;
equals the wake of this thought,
the wake of this shape,
the wake of this sound,
the wake of this place.

Hovering above a place I thought I loved…
Riding a turbulence not caused by the weather.

How dare I say it could that bad.
Just take a thankful look for all we have.
But when given to much,
we tend to lose more
and our sadness roars through self-destructive chords.

I can’t stop mourning
It’s like hearing cancer spreading.
It’s like hope is a fairy tale
and so are the Gods
and change is unheard of.

I am attending and I will be wearing a black flower to the right of my heart.
And I WILL be eating but I won’t be bringing a gift or a card.
Some open bar drinking and not too much thinking, to keep me from crying because everything’s…dying.

Wake of the World Companion Sermon:

The children’s market is on today
A family’s wage a family pays.
A penny for their thoughts you say?
But pennies no longer exist.

The community center has closed down.
The competition killed it.
Teaching is too expensive now,
God bless these kids they’ll need it.

I saw some birds in flight today,
Where they’ll fly, they can’t say.
The rivers warm they run and run.
The wires criss across the sun.

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